Study shows vapes help smokers quit– group

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A group of users of electronic cigarettes or vapes slammed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for not looking at the report of a public health department in the United Kingdom that suggested that the use of e-cigarettes is better than nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) in stopping smoking.

According to the study made by Public Health England (PHE), nicotine vaping products were the most popular aid used by smokers who tried to quit smoking in 2020 at 27.2 percent.
It added that the use of a vaping product had some of the highest quit success rates — between 59.7 percent and 74 percent in 2019 and 2020.

Peter Paul Dator, who heads the Vapers Philippines group, said the FDA should have looked at the report first before issuing strict guidelines on the use of vapour and heated tobacco products (HTPs) in the country.

He also criticized the agency for listening to foreign advocacy groups like Bloomberg Philantrophies that dangle “grants in exchange of policies, instead of studying the scientific facts presented by reputable health authorities such as Public Health England.”

Dator added that the FDA’s issuance of the regulations on vapor products and HTPs were “ill-timed” as the agency was not able to complete the public consultations amid allegations that it received foreign grants from foreign anti-tobacco organizations.

“With no less than the highly respected Public Health England claiming that vaping is more effective than NRT in making smokers quit, why does the Philippines FDA continue to look down on these safer alternatives?” Dator said.

The report took an in-depth look at the latest evidence of the effectiveness of nicotine vaping products among young people and adults and also examined data on people’s perception of risk.

“The best thing that a smoker can do is to stop smoking completely and the evidence shows that vaping is one of the most effective quit aids available, helping around 50,000 smokers quit a year,” professor John Newton, director of Health Improvement at PHE, said.

Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates Executive Coordinator Nancy Loucas welcomed the report, saying it would allow e-cigarettes and other smoke-free products to end the smoking epidemic, especially in the Asia-Pacific region where more than half of smokers live.

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